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Laser Pointers

  1. Green Laser Pointer With Black Metal Storage Box
  2. Bullet Red Laser Pointer

    Bullet Red Laser Pointer

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    • Encased in authentic .33 caliber BMG bullet casing • Range: 1,500 feet • Laser Class: IIIA • Maximum Power Output: 5mW • Uses two “LR44” cell batteries (included) Learn More
  3. Lazer Tripwire
  4. Dual Red-Green Laser
  5. Mirror-Type Beamsplitters

    Mirror-Type Beamsplitters

    Mirror-Type, Beamsplitter, Reflectivity 50%, Size 50mm x 50mm x1mm, Transmission 50% Learn More
  6. Blue Phire Laser Pointer

    Blue Phire Laser Pointer

    sing technology developed by Japanese researcher, Shuji Nakamura, and after years of research, a commercial blue LED is now available.

    This item is shipped directly from the manufactuer.

    Learn More

Grid List

6 Item(s)