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Lab Thermometers

  1. Hand Held Digital Thermometer

    Hand Held Digital Thermometer

    Thermometer, Hand Held, Digital Learn More
  2. Digital Min/Max Stem Thermometer

    Digital Min/Max Stem Thermometer

    Thermometer, Digital Min/Max Learn More
  3. Digital Thermohygrometer

    Digital Thermohygrometer

    Thermo-Hygrometer Learn More
  4. Temptestr™ IR Thermometer

    Temptestr™ IR Thermometer

    Regular Price: $99.95

    Sale $84.00

    Infrared Thermometer, With Laser TempTestr, Simple One Hand Operation, Rapid Response Time Learn More
  5. Temperature Sensitive Liquid Crystal Sheet

    Temperature Sensitive Liquid Crystal Sheet

    Starting at: $24.95

    • Locate Electrical Shorts on Circuit Boards
    • Determine Insulation Void
    • Prices are for single sheets unless otherwise noted
    Learn More

Grid List

5 Item(s)