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Solar Fun

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Solar Fun

  1. Solar Power Kit

    Solar Power Kit

    - Kit includes 177 building pieces compatible with all Thames & Kosmos construction kits - Assemble 6 different solar powered models - Includes exceptional 24 page instruction book - CWIST For It! Learn More
  2. Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker

    Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker

    • Rainbows, on demand
    • Demonstrates both solar energy and light refraction
    • Genuine Swarovski crystal and green-energy motor
    • Motor uses solar energy to rotate crystal and produce a rainbow
    Learn More
  3. Solar Beads

    Solar Beads

    Regular Price: $7.95

    Sale $3.00

    • Beads change color in the sun
    • About 170 beads in pack
    • Teach Children about solar energy and UV rays
    • Fun educational experiment, what keeps these beads white will prevent your skin from burning
    • Make necklaces, bracelets and more
    Learn More
  4. holographic prism

    Rainbow Window Holographic Prism


    Transform sunlight into an explosion of vibrant colors!

    • 4" holographic disk
    • Hang in window where direct sunlight will hit and watch the "rainbow" form across the room
    • Teach refraction through this fun physics demonstration
    • A classic Edmund Scientific product!


    Learn More
  5. Radiometer



    A real solar engine!

    • An introduction to thermodynamics (explained below)
    • 5" high and 3" in diameter
    • four van rotor spins continuously up to 3,000 RPM


    Learn More
  6. Solar Power Plus Kit

    Solar Power Plus Kit

    • Discover how solar cells generate electricity as you assemble solar powered vehicles
    • Assemble 22 models with 265 pieces
    • Includes 2 special solar panels
    Learn More
  7. Solar Bullet Train

    Solar Bullet Train

    Fastest Train Under the Sun Learn More
  8. Aquitaine Sundial Ring

    Aquitaine Sundial Ring

    • Replica of Ancient Time Telling Tool
    • Made of solid pewter and bronze
    • Measures 1-1/4" in diameter and has a 30" long cord
    • Comes with a full description of how to adjust for the accuracy of the sundial, including the equation of time, adjustments for global location, and other factors
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Items 1-8 of 15