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Other Green Items

  1. Hydrogen Powered Hydrocar

    Hydrogen Powered Hydrocar

    - Features a reversible Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cell. - Combines water electrolysis and fuel cell functions into one device - Check out the downloadable instructions (below) Learn More
  2. Emergency Water Filter

    Emergency Water Filter

    Emergency Water Filter Learn More
  3. Silent Symphony Rainbow Maker

    Silent Symphony Rainbow Maker

    Regular Price: $99.95

    Sale $79.95

    - Makes Sun Generated Rainbows! Learn More
  4. Static Electricity Bulb

    Static Electricity Bulb

    • Human Powered Light Bulb, turn a static charge into light
    • Harmless Static Electricity demonstration
    Learn More
  5. Flashlight, Dynamo Tri-Led

    Flashlight, Dynamo Tri-Led

    Ideal for your car, home, boat, or campsite, the Dynamo Flashlight will never require a new bulb or battery. Powered by a wind up generator, the flashlight delivers up to 30 minutes of light. Learn More
  6. Hand Made Glass Radiometers

    Hand Made Glass Radiometers

    Starting at: $59.95

    Hand Made Glass Radiometer, 8"x3" Learn More
  7. Solar Garden Thermometer

    Solar Garden Thermometer

    Regular Price: $69.95

    Sale $54.00

    • Solar Powered Backlight
    • Outdoor Temperature in °C or °F
    • Large Backlit LCD Display
    • Records MIN & MAX Temperature with Auto Reset
    Learn More
  8. MudWatt™ Microbial Fuel Cell Kit

    MudWatt™ Microbial Fuel Cell Kit

    Regular Price: $59.95

    Sale $44.00

    • Produce microbial bioelectricity in just a few days

    • Kit includes almost everything you need—just add soil and food scraps

    • Perfect for classroom demonstrations or at-home use

    Learn More

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Items 1-8 of 11