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Edmund Salvage Company

In 1942, Norman Edmund searched diligently through mail-order advertisements to find a specific lens required to feed his hobby. He was an amateur photographer, and it was difficult to find optics to support this pastime. What he learned from that experience prompted him to place his own ads, offering specialty lenses in a photography magazine. Almost immediately, other hobbyists looking for "hard to find" optics starting sending in orders and the Edmund Salvage Company was born.

Business boomed in the years following World War II. The military provided an endless source for quality, surplus optics. The breath of product and ample inventory of specialty optical items were highly sought-after by science enthusiasts. To advertise new items, Norman started mailing a monthly newsletter to his customers – the foundation for today's Edmund Scientifics catalog.

Optical Bargains

The coming of the space age saw an Edmund Scientifics lens go to the moon as a critical component in the first color TV camera to record the Apollo landings. In response to customer inquiries for an affordable compact telescope, we developed the Astroscan® Telescope, winner of the 1976 Industrial Design Award. More than 30 years later, our Astroscan® endures as a living, working legend in the astronomical community.

For over 50 years, Edmund Scientifics experienced continued success at our Barrington, New Jersey location. A small optics company had grown into THE source for unusual science activities, toys, gifts, and demonstrations. Science hobbyists and engineering enthusiasts around the world know that Scientifics is the place to feed their ideas and inventions.

Edmund Scientific catalog cover

Today, Scientifics Direct proudly operates as an independent business. Through our catalog and website, Scientifics continues to provide the latest and most unique science related items available. We love science just as much as our customers.

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